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Why Choose The Pool Lady?

Pool chemistry can change weekly, and we know that clear water does not always indicate healthy water. Why spend hours cleaning your pool and balancing your own chemicals? Let us do the work for you! We have staff that are PHTA Certified Pool Operators and Water Chemistry Certified, with many years in the industry. We will take care of your pool like it was our own!


PHTA Certified Pool Operator and water chemistry certified. 

Family Owned

Locally owned and operated, trustworthy, and woman-owned business.

No Obligations Or Contracts

Whether you need us for weekly work or a one-time job, we’re here to help. We hope to earn your trust and repeat business.

Real Stories From Real Customers

Our customers love The Pool Lady, and we think you will too!

Absolutely wonderful family business! Very responsive and reasonable prices , they go above and beyond for any call-large or small. We are first-time pool owners and inherited a mess last year with our new house. The Pool Lady came over right away and explained pool chemistry to us as well as getting us on the right track with making our pool clean and sparkling! The opening this year has been just as smooth. Very pleased and recommend The Pool Lady to anyone who asks, "Who does your pool?"

Christina Snellgrove


loved the service provided by this company. very professional and friendly. goes the extra mile! Great customer service! Highly recommend!!! 5 STARS! Thank you to the "Pool Lady and her staff"!!!

Ken Anderson


I will do nothing with my pool, until I touch base with The Pool Lady

Wayne Stuart


Two thumbs up. Very knowledgeable about pool cleaning. I'm a first time pool owner and I asked a lot of questions about maintaining a pool and The Pool Lady answered them all. Thank you Shari.

Kitab Moore


Maintenance made easy

The Pool Lady is your one stop shop for all your pool-related repair and maintenance needs. From seasonal openings and closings, to weekly maintenance and cleaning, you can trust your pool will always be ready to enjoy!

One-time, weekly, and seasonal services.

  • Opening for the Season
  • One time opening for the summer
  • Weekly Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Once a week cleanings
  • Repairs
  • One-time cleanings
  • ​Vacation checks
  • In-Ground Openings
  • Filter Cleanings
  • Pre-treat for the season
  • Sand changes (300 and 500 lb. filters)
  • Salt Cell Cleaning
  • Weekly maintenance and cleaning
  • Initial Vacuum
  • ​Cover cleaning
  • ​Closings
  • And more!!! Just ask...
  • Green to Clean

    Does your pool have green water? Take advantage of our “Green to Clean” service to bring your water back to sparkling clean.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does pool maintenance include?
    Pool maintenance includes: skimming debris from the surface, vacuuming the bottom, brushing the walls and floor, emptying skimmer and pump baskets, backwashing the filter, checking current chemical levels of the water, adding chemicals to bring water to safe levels, emptying automatic vacuum systems, and examining pool equipment for potential issues or concerns.
    Why do I need to make sure my pool water is properly balanced?
    When your pool water is balanced, your sanitizer will be more effective, and your water will be sparkling. Your family and friends will feel more comfortable, and the pool’s surface and equipment will last longer. Improve the effectiveness of your pool system and the life of your pool with balancing products.
    I am having a pool party. Can you service it tomorrow?
    If you have an important event coming up and you plan to use your pool for this function you should be testing and preparing the pool weeks in advance. Balancing a pool requires time for the chemicals to circulate through your pool’s system. It is best to begin this process prior to guests swimming.
    When should I open/close the pool?
    Opening and closing your pool depends on many variables like usage and heaters. Typically, in this area pools are opened in May and closed in September.  However, environmental factors play a large role in your decision. Have flowering bushes around the pool? Best to open when they have finished blooming. Large trees that drop leaves in the fall? You may consider closing before this happens.
    I bought a home with a pool - HELP!
    Many pool owners never anticipated having a pool. If you find yourself with a pool and want to learn more about it (or have someone else take care of it!) give us a call! We would be happy to come out and give a tutorial on how your system works and even basic pool chemistry.
    How long does it take to clear a green pool?
    If your pool is green, most likely your chemicals are unbalanced which allowed algae to take over. Bringing your chemicals back to normal levels is the first step in the process. Once chemicals are balanced, we provide you with an expected time frame for clear and clean water.
    If I just add "shock" is that good enough?
    Shock is a fancy name for chlorine. Shocking the pool means raising your chlorine residual high enough to kill any algae and bring your free chlorine levels into normal range. Chlorine and “shock” do not work unless your other chemical levels are in the normal range. Therefore, if you are unsure of your alkalinity and pH levels, do not add shock.
    Why should I brush my pool?
    Brushing should be part of routine maintenance. Brushing the walls and floor of your pool will prevent algae buildup because it prevents those algae spores from attaching to the surface and beginning to grow in the first place. It is always good to remember with algae that it is better to prevent it than to treat it.

    A little bit

    About Us

    I have been cleaning and balancing pools since 2012. Only recently did I venture out on my own! I have worked on commercial pools and backyard pools and take pride in a sparkling pool. I am certified as a Pool Operator and Water Chemistry certified and will bring my knowledge to your pool. Whether it is a repair or chemical balance, I take pride in my customer service skills and will always return a call and help you with whatever you need ~ even if it's not with me.


    Your trust is important to me, so whatever I can do to help you - I will do!

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